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Marketing Campaigns

The Criteria We Follow

It's all based in the PDCA Cycle, due to the good ammount of
advantages and continuos improvement cycles you can get out of it.


Establish the goals and methods needed to achieve the intended outcomes.


Make sure you're following through on the prior step's objectives.


The data and results obtained during the do phase are analyzed during the check phase.


This phase is known as "Adjust," is where a process is enhanced and the possible flaws are detected.

But, What Even Is A Marketing Campaign_

Marketing campaigns use a variety of media to advertise items, including television, radio, print, and online platforms.

A good campaign has a topic and a series of market encounters. In today's market, a single message delivered via a single medium rarely makes a difference.

Even though there is no magic number for how many times a message should be repeated to have an impact, specialists recommend between three and twenty times, with seven being a typical marketing cliche.
  • Generate even more leads!
  • Use a special offer to attack your market.

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